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Joe Barrera (
Tue, 23 Jun 1998 16:53:57 -0700

That actually sounds like fun! I might be there -- Sunday is currently free.

- Joe

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Subject: Launch Win98
Is anybody around in the Bay Area to watch this?

Sunday, June 28, 2-5PM
DeAnza College (Parking Lot B), Cupertino, California

The purpose of this event is to poke some clean fun at Microsoft's "Win98
Launch" event of June 25. We couldn't resist the obvious temptation to
turn it around to "Launch Win98". Two Win98 beta CD-ROMs have been acquired
have been cut in half to make four rocket fins. :-)

(When linking to this page, please do not call this a "Win98 Launch" -
MS's event. Our event is called "Launch Win98". :-)

We will launch the rocket at the BayNAR rocket club's launch on Sunday, June
at 2PM at DeAnza College, Parking Lot B because they have a weekly time with
necessary fire marshal and FAA approvals.