Re: [Fwd: XML/JavaBean "Coins"] (SOAP requested)

Mark Baker (
Tue, 23 Jun 1998 20:48:05 -0400

At 07:25 PM 23/6/98 -0400, Dan Connolly wrote:
>i.e. would somebody (perhaps the
>author of "Capturing the state
>of Distributed Systems in XML" himself) please
>research "Coins" a bit and tell me whether
>I should spend some serious time investigating
>it? I looked briefly, and it didn't seem
>too far fetched.

The premise is simple, as you probably already figured out; use XML instead
of the default Java serialization format. This includes pickling the state
of objects into XML ala JAR files, but also pickling the compositional
structure of a set of objects into XML ala SER files (ie. pickling a
container's interactive structure, not just composite state). Also, as
you'd expect, it's bidirectional.

I'll leave to Adam&Rohit to tell you whether you need to spend any serious
time looking into it.

just fiddle with it - nor do I expect to in the coming months.

FYI, Bill La Forge is currently running his own Coins-centric company on
the give-away-the-code-and-make-a-whack-of-money-consulting model. I help
him out whenever I can, and somehow made it onto his ad-hoc "advisory

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