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-> - From freecongress.org<-Scan This News:
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-> Implementation of National ID Imminent
-> By Scott McDonald, SCAN THIS NEWS
-> On Wednesday, June 17th, the U.S. Department of Transportation published
-> the proposed "Driver's License/SSN/National Identification Document"
-> guidelines which all states will be compelled to comply with over the
-> next two years. The "Notice of Proposed Rule Making" (NPRM) sets out the
-> "standard feature" requirements for driver's license cards and other
-> "identification" documents. States that do not comply will find that
-> their citizens will not be allowed to participate in routine,
-> life-essential functions after the imposed federal deadline of October
-> 1, 2000.
-> Non-conforming licenses will not be accepted for identification by any
-> federal agency. Once implemented no one in the U.S. will be able to
-> engage in many basic, fundamental societal activities unless they carry
-> with them at all times a conforming government-issued identification
-> card. Not surprisingly, under the proposed rule it will become MANDATORY
-> that social security numbers must be submitted in order for anyone to
-> receive a state-issued driver's license.
-> Perhaps the most pervasive implication of this new National ID scheme is
-> that in the near future an identification card will be required just to
-> engage in activities we now take for granted.
-> Under the federal "New Hires Database" system and the related
-> "Employment Eligibility Confirmation System" program, EVERYONE will be
-> required to possess an approved identification document in order to get
-> a job and work in the United States.
-> Also, as a condition of the new and upcoming healthcare-provider
-> requirements everyone will have to submit a conforming identification
-> document in order to receive health care. Otherwise, the healthcare
-> provider will forfeit all federal compensation for their services --
-> Medicaid, Medicare -- and you know they're not about to risk that.
-> Of course other activities such as banking, purchasing insurance,
-> writing a check, obtaining a passport, boarding a commercial airliner --
-> and the list goes on and on -- will all likewise require the new IDs.
-> The proponents of this measure are intent on establishing a universal,
-> nationwide identification system -- and state-issued driver's licenses
-> are the method they have chosen as the "path of least resistance."
-> Under the "Administrative Procedures Act" federal agencies must announce
-> their intention to promulgate new rules, (as they have now done in this
-> case), and they must provide an opportunity for the general public to
-> comment on their proposal. Watch for more information on how to oppose
-> this rule in upcoming editions of the CfCL Weekly Update.
-> Read the Proposed DOT Rules (cut and paste URL into browser):
-> cid=98-16062

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