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KUCI 88.9 fm, in Irvine, CA

1) Kiln: s/t (Room Tone)
2) Magick Heads: "Lazy Ways" (Dark Beloved Cloud)
3) Cannanes: "Tiny Frown" (Yoyo)
4) Various Artists: "Loraine" (Peach)
5) Zoviet France: (Soleilmoon)
6) Colcannon: "Saint Bartholemew's Feast" (Oxford Road)
7) Lycia: "Estrella" (Projekt)
8) Pointless Orchestra: "Approaching Totality"
9) Califone: s/t (Flydaddy)
10) Azuza Plane: "America Is Dreaming..." (Colorful Clouds for Acoustics)
11) Epectir: "Infection" (Epectir)
12) Ritalin (RX): "Bedside Toxicology" (Invisible)
13) Mogwai: "Kicking A Dead Pig" (Jetset)
14) Quasi: "Featuring Birds" (Up)
15) Meatbeat Manifesto: "Acid Again" 12" (Nothing)
16) Gerbils: "Are You Sleepy" (Hidden Agenda)
17) Damon & Naomi: "Playback Singers" (Sub Pop)
18) Bikeride: "Here Comes The Summer" (Choclaty)
19) Joan of Arc: "How Memory Works" (Jade Tree)
20) Heartworms: "During" (Pop Factory)
21) Carpet People: "Assemble & Plug" (NONS)
22) The Queers: "Everything's OK" ep (Hopeless)
23) Tricky: "Angels With Dirty Faces" (Island)
24) Alvin Youngblood Hart: "Territory" (Hannibal
25) John Scofield: "A Go Go" (Verve)
26) The Killingtons: " A Year in the Waiting" (Crash Family)
27) Dingees: "Armageddon Massive" (BEC)
28) Calexico: "The Black Light" (Quarterstick)
29) Pain: "Wonderful Beef" (Birdcage)
30) Bastard Noise/Spastic Colon: split CD (Pinch-a-Loaf Records)

Babyland: "B Component" 7" (Mattress)
September/Windsor for the Derby: split 7" (Meridian)
Alastair Galbraith: "Mirrorwork" (Emperor Jones)
Barry Adamson: "As Above, So Below" (Mute)
Joel R. L. Phelps: The Downer Trio: "3" (Pacifico)


Hello All!

This is my first Top 30 listing as Music Director at KUCI. I'll be
updating our e-mail list very soon here. I'm completely revamping the
Music Office procedures etc, so this is just one of many time intensive
tasks I'm initiating this quarter.

Anyway, you'll all be hearing from me again soon. Check out my hours,
posted below, to contact me by phone. I promise to be diligent by e-mail,
however, so feel free to just drop a line here.

Love 'n' stuff-

anji / music director
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