RE: national id card on the way...

John Boyer (
Fri, 26 Jun 1998 07:55:28 -0500

At 07:37 PM 6/24/98 -0700, you wrote:
>> The country you are living in will have completed its transition into a
>> totalitarian police state where citizens who dissent against their total
>> surveillance will be denied life support. Nothing to worry about.
>Would it actually change anything? I don't see that surviving without a
>national id card would be any more difficult than currently trying to
>survive without some state DL, credit cards, and all the other crap that
>they can use to track you with already.

You know, you're right Joe, I have recently developed a plan to abolish all
state governments, as well as all local governments, right down to the
school boards. The old state lines could be retained to avoid the cost of
redoing all those maps. Also, the make nice representations of voting
districts. ( note: They won't be actual voting districts mind you, that
would be racist). The curent admistration is very adept at worrying about
such things as church burnings, road rage, inner city crime, seat belts in
golf carts, and companies that get too big for their breeches. Just read
the headlines, every day there is a news item about how much our government
cares for us. Why Adelantado Klinton even cares about democracy in chinese
villages! [1]. So, I'm sure that all subsequent Federal governments will
make good use of the extra revenue savings derived from cutting these
excess levels of pork barrel government beurocraps.

Sure, I'll agree that the 19th amendment which made legal the federal
income tax was anti-constitutional and blatantly against the wishes of the
founding fathers. But heck, those guys didn't want their faces on coins
either. Washington insisted that his face never make it to a coin because
that smacked of monarchy. Well, in 1909 the slippery slope was traversed
with the Lincoln penny. BY 1932 we had a Washington quarter. Now the debate
has ascended to which *woman* will adorn the new $1 coin. It appears the
Sacajawea will become the next american hero depicted on a coin.[2] I'm
sure we all know who that is. But for the gentle reader in Rio Linda,
Sacajawea was the injun who helped Lewis and Clark. Lewis and Clark of
course, being just two dead white guys, are irrelevant.

[2] National Review, July 6, 1998


PS. I just arrived home from a tennis tournament/business/beach vacation to
find that we now have a roof on the new improved Boyer-compound (tm) we are
in the process of building.
How'd we do in the tennis tournament? Glad you axed. My team is the Alabama
state champs in the USTA mens 3.0 division. Having earned the title of the
best-of-the-worst in 100 Degree heat; we will continue our competion next
month in Chattanooga TN against other southeastern states. Hey, tennis
districts, thats another thing that states are good for...