Re: Cute kid.

John Boyer (
Fri, 26 Jun 1998 15:50:33 -0500

At 04:09 PM 6/26/98 -0400, Jay Thomas wrote:
>Philip A. DesAutels wrote:
>> I'll donate $20 to the buy David a notebook fund. Any other takers?
>Put me down for $20 as well. But I think the notebook should have a
>huge FoRK logo across the cover (aLa the IBM logo on Judge Ito's
>Thinkpad(tm) during the trial), since we are sponsoring it :)

Dare I say it? Perhaps we have found a use for all of that Amazon kickback
money. Just buy used macs and linux boxes for young disadvantaged nerds.
Rohit, just imagine, that's better than a notebook
for yourself isn't it?

Don't have $200 in the account? No prob, Just buy more books.
And the best part is, if we always buy from Cobraboy, it is a tax
deductable contribution to the Tim Byars retirement fund!


"Disadvantaged is just a euphemism for Underprivileged" -- NPR- All Things

PS. In the unlikely event that my brilliant proposal is not accepted, put
me in for $20 as well.