Re: Cute kid.

Rohit Khare (
Fri, 26 Jun 1998 19:57:28 -0700

I must say, the Amazon proceeds plus the three donations I have seen so far
add up to exactly the amount. So I propose a three way deal:

1) We make an immediate, under-the-table cash disbursement of the
Tim Byars Retirement fund

2) We send this kid his laptop if he can cough up the cash for a FedEx
(Hey, this isn't a complete charity we run here! It's more than anyone ever
did for this disadvantaged nerd!)

3) We attach a revocable trust clause to the retirement fund that it only
be used for legitimate uses characterizable as CobraBoy's retirement
lifestyle. I.e. he has to promise to blow it all out on on liquor and victuals
for an Independence Day bash at Greg's to which all and sundry FoRK are
invited -- and with those Fourth Fares, a lot of you out of towners ought to
make it too...

So sue me if 3 is a sneaky rider on 1; the kid ain't gettin' 2 without it,
because Greg's damn right... "Who knows what he'll spend it on?"