RE: Amazon account update.

Joe Barrera (
Fri, 26 Jun 1998 21:01:33 -0700

> > [Adam]
> > This is unrelated, but I don't know why people say Red-Vest is
> > filled with marriage material. I spent four hours there yesterday
> > in the cafeteria with a friend from The Company Formerly Known as
> > Firefly, so I saw EVERYTHING. Nothing even vaguely marriage material,
> > which means I get no referrals from that place and I'm still in the hole
> > for nine sets of digits. If anyone has any leads on any single women in
> > the Seattle area, send me email so I can undo my obligation.

> [Tim]
> I was in Seattle. Lot's of big hairy women wearing plaid cranked out of
> their minds on Starbucks.

What the hell does Seattle have to do with RedWest or anything else out on
the East Side?

You might as well confuse San Francisco with Milpitas.

- Joe

And now, a quote that, for some reason, reminds me of Rich Draves and his
ever-present clippers...

"Like fancy pens and pocket watches, these palmable curios have a
function--that of severing corneous shrapnel from key areas of the human
form with a bracing abruptness, a can-do metallic snap, that leaves their
user with the illusion that he is progressively, clip by hardened-steel
clip, gaining control of his shambling life."

-- Nicholson Baker on fingernail clippers

from Ken Cline's web page