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Sounds like ZOT is one of those perfect "little firms" to do real work.


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> From an anonymous little parakeet :-)
>>Date: Thu, 03 Jun 1999 22:48:09 -0400
>>Dear Forkers,
>>A friend of mine works at Zefer,
>>and I thought I'd offer this for you
>>to repost, even though I'm normally
>>just a lurker.
>>Zefer consists of a large number of
>>Harvard Business School grads who
>>all know how to talk the talk.
>>Their business model is based on the
>>fact that some bricks & mortar companies
>>with lots current media expenses think
>>they need to spend a comparable amount
>>on-line. When a company like GM or Ford
>>wants a website, they honestly believe it
>>should cost them $1B for a website that
>>truely matches their "scope".
>>But in the real world, more money usually
>>makes a website worse, not better.
>>Too many tricky technology stunts that
>>only work for a few users...
>>Well, Zefer can pocket the cash, outsource
>>a few small design firms to do the real work,
>>and come out looking dandy for making
>>simple but effective websites.
>>Not a bad plan, seems like taking candy from
>>babies. The only problem comes in when they
>>realize a simple website is only useful if it stays
>>current. Unfortunately that requires employees
>>of the Ford or GM company to be completely
>>signed-on to the whole website thing, and to
>>do all the work of creating the genuine
>>thriving content... which if they were always
>>able to do in the first place.