More on Gore

Janie Wilkins (
Mon, 07 Jun 1999 18:49:44 -0400

Not that I have an axe to grind against Gore or anything... in fact, I
have not bothered to develop strong political opinions about any of the
presidential candidates since I am not allowed to vote in the upcoming
election... BUT, these further bits about Gore had to be FoRKed as an
appendix to my earlier post...

Outrage of the Week (04/09/99): Gore Violates Law He Backed?

Vice-President Al Gore -- self-proclaimed creator of the
Internet -- committed another
Internet related gaffe this week. Gore, who has been trying
to create an image of himself as a
leader on technology issues, finally unveiled his
Presidential campaign web site on Tuesday,
and came under immediate fire. Not only was the
technological guru the last of the declared
and undeclared Presidential candidates to unveil a web site,
it now appears that Gore's web
site is in violation of a law that he championed. It turns
out that a "Just for Kids" section asks
for children's names, e-mail addresses and zip codes. But
the collection of such data from
kids on commercial web sites will be made illegal under the
provisions of the newly passed
Children's Online Privacy Protection Act -- a bill that Gore
has alleged that he "championed."