Re: [Trenton Times] Al Gore supports Open Source?

David Crook (
Mon, 07 Jun 1999 16:19:39 -0700

At 06:46 PM 6/7/99 -0400, Janie Wilkins wrote:
Been meaning to FoRK these bits for the last few days...

Old bits deleted


Sorry Janie, but thats a 15 yard penalty and loss of down for posting old
bits. The "Father of the Internet" was already roasted on FoRK for
appropriating the term Open Source back in April.

If you were to dig up any information on his secret treatments for dutch
elm disease and post it, I'm sure that would suffice as proper penance.
But, be warned, post more old stuff again and you will be locked into room
with Tim for a whole hour and be forced listen to him talk about how Mac OS
is the most important invention ever created by humankind. :-)


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