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Tom Whore (
Mon, 7 Jun 1999 17:01:30 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 7 Jun 1999, Tim Byars wrote:
--]Fry's moved a 8 foot high palate of recordable blank CD's over the
--]weekend in their Anaheim store. Musicians are getting around $1.20 per
--]album sold. Figure out who you're going to be listening to in 5 years.

Sadly I think that no matter what the medium or the media the mass sheeple
will be lead to the Ricky Martinez's by the record companies. In order for
the things to truly change on a mass scale the masses are involved, and
mostly the masses are happy if they are stroked and made to feel special.

Now having said that what i think is happening is something far more
important than any nevau "lets make the world a better place" syndrome.
Fuck giving peace a chance or saving humanity or any of the tripe and
tired hippe era leftovers......

"Lets make a better place for a world" Meaning DIY

Meaning back to haveing micro markets ( ala pre nirvana subpop and fact
sheet five)

Meaning who cares if the masses are buying into this years Menudo because
i got my own shit to get into, including my very own stuff i make and
places like and all the thousands of folks with bits and pieces.

Meaning that my brand name is called TOMWHORE and i get to be my own PR
person and I get to be my own scout and I get to call my own shots about
what Im listening to or watching or reading.

Distrobution , not of scale, but on a scaled medium. Pump up the distro
and let the niches decided for themsleves.

Superstars not of millions but to hundereds

Locality local Globality global

As to Tom Dolby, Beatnick is doing what sort of bizness?:)-

As to companys like A2B who seek to fit into the current dinosaur model of
distro, please I hope you live in horrible contortions of market apathy.

As to where its at... I got 2 inputs and an encoder

(that was a good drum break)

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