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At 05:39 PM 6/7/99, Tom Whore wrote:
>On Mon, 7 Jun 1999, Tim Byars wrote:
>--]I would disagree with most of the above.
>Which points and why?

Basically it's a thousand points of light. No unified distribution model.

>I cant imagine living in a closed system architexture would stunt your
>sense of independece that much tim.
>--]Point is, who is actually thinking and developing a business plan for new
>--]artists? Let's look at some names.

But they are just providing a distribution system. Record companies (in the
old days supplied money, studio time, producers, drugs, young girls or boys
whatever your preference, and to protect that investment they made damn
sure your band got heard or seen.

A listing on is just that a listing.

I'm talking about a new version of a record company. (Now I must let it be
known that major Vulture Capitol assholes read this list, and of course
they will contact their friends at the gay bath house to do this with, but
like I give a fuck) A company that would sign and support bands. That would
offer their CD's/Mp3 (I don't see any reason what so ever a music CD not to
be a combined hybrid) to the hungry net sites. Amazon, CD-NOW etc. That
would finance the Video and stream it 24/7. Then create tours like Oz Fest,
Playboy Jazz, Lollapalooza to promote their bands. For the amount of VC
money squandered on absolute bullshit Java programming companies this could
be done.

The overall cost of product could be lower, the artist could make more,
more artists could be signed, and music quality would improve.

But then again someone with 1/2 of a brain would have to think that up. And
those people don't exist anymore.


I would never try to do production work on it; 
That is like trying to perform brain surgery with garden tools.
    ... me on Win'98

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