Re: [Trenton Times] Al Gore supports Open Source?

Sally Khudairi (
Mon, 7 Jun 1999 21:30:09 -0400

I've got two stone tablets and a G3 powerbook ;-?

- S

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>At 05:09 PM 6/7/99 -0700, Tim Byars wrote:
>>At 04:19 PM 6/7/99, David Crook wrote:
>>>with Tim for a whole hour and be forced listen to him talk about how Mac
>>>is the most important invention ever created by humankind. :-)
>>If you don't listen to music, watch films, TV, read billboards, magazines,
>>or newspapers, you don't have to understand what the Mac brought to the
>Yawn... wake me up when you get to that point in your rant about Mac
>solving world hunger and Jobs personally receiving the design for G3 on two
>stone tables from God. I always liked that part.
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