Re: Watch WebDAV Work

Sally Khudairi (
Tue, 8 Jun 1999 10:37:16 -0400

My dear Steve, you are quite correct! The challenge, if you will, is that
WebDAV doesn't have a name for itself quite yet, allowing MS and others to
call it whatever they want.

Hopefully that will change soon. Right, Jim?

- S

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Date: Tuesday, June 08, 1999 10:17 AM
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>At 08:02 AM 6/8/99 -0400, Sally Khudairi wrote:
>>WebDAV's on a roll. To go.
>>- S
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>>The hosting firms will use Microsoft's new Office Server and
>>FrontPage Server Extensions technology, enabling users - now
>Correct me if I'm wrong, but FP Server Extensions != WEBDAV....