Mark Day/CAM/Lotus (Mark_Day/CAM/
Tue, 08 Jun 1999 16:15:52 GMT

I have neglected to announce myself to the list and have been lurking for
the last few weeks. Herewith an attempt to correct that oversight.

The single-sentence version is that I do a bunch of technology
research/strategy things for Lotus.

People on this list who know me, mostly know me from one of the following

1. Pestering people to get interoperable protocols for presence and instant
messaging (IMPP and all its previous incarnations in the IETF);
2. Being Lotus's rep to the W3C advisory committee; or
3. Occasional attendance at WebDAV meetings.

You can get some more detail from our web site:

(Or, if you can't handle a URL that ugly, go to and
then navigate to "People", then to "Mark Day")