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Tim Byars (
Tue, 8 Jun 1999 11:24:47 -0700

At 8:48 AM -0700 6/8/99, Tom Whore did the job with this:

> On Mon, 7 Jun 1999, Tim Byars wrote:
> --]Basically it's a thousand points of light. No unified distribution model.
> Why the hell would we want to go back to UNIFIED closed box distro? When
> the methods of distro are spread across a greater number the avialability
> of diversity can be increased. Niche markets over artificaly infalted and
> created HyperReal Mega markets foster not only creative products but a
> real and increased profit margin to more artists.

Well I stated that wrong. No unified source model. Do I have to hunt
down each and every band or startup label?

> --]But they are just providing a distribution system. Record
>companies (in the
> --]old days supplied money, studio time, producers, drugs, young
>girls or boys
> --]whatever your preference, and to protect that investment they made damn
> --]sure your band got heard or seen.
> All of these things you mention are great if you want to be a slave to the
> closed box record company system, to be a kept slave in a house of slaves.
> I think I would rather be my own whore thank you. You can keep on
> supporting your slave mindset if you want, just dont mind me here being
> amused at the little brainanticss

Tom, get off your anarchy shit for a minute. I can tell you've never
been in a band, or had to deal with the band situation. My proposal
creates a system that evolved out of thin air in the 60's and 70's, and
is the lifeblood of getting and keeping a band together.

> --]A listing on is just that a listing.
> how do you explain the 500 or so downloads Media Whore music
> has gotten in the last few months with resulting email and conversations
> with liteners...all on simply a listing and a few emails to
> various usenet groups/mailing lists?

Tom, I hate to say this to you, but BFD. Get some Portland stripper to
moan over a drum machine. Put a listing on AVN (Adult Video News) and
watch your downloads.

> --]I'm talking about a new version of a record company. (Now I must let it be
> --]known that major Vulture Capitol assholes read this list, and of course
> --]they will contact their friends at the gay bath house to do this with, but
> --]like I give a fuck) A company that would sign and support bands.
>That would
> --]offer their CD's/Mp3 (I don't see any reason what so ever a music
>CD not to
> --]be a combined hybrid) to the hungry net sites. Amazon, CD-NOW etc. That
> --]would finance the Video and stream it 24/7. Then create tours like
>Oz Fest,
> --]Playboy Jazz, Lollapalooza to promote their bands. For the amount of VC
> --]money squandered on absolute bullshit Java programming companies
>this could
> --]be done.
> Your talking extending the already lame system of studio stables and
> record company buerocracy that people are trying to et away from. Wow,
> take an new paradigm and slap the old slave mind on it and what do you
> get...shinny new slave mind.

No one complained about the system as it existed. You proposal is going
to create a system for older artists that understand the creative
process, or one hit wonders.

Look at all the shitty first albums


oh hell, I don't want to think this hard early in the morning. My point
is bands need to grow and experience the road together to create
increasingly better product. Fan's want the shared experience of
enjoying the band live. Your system has a bunch of slobs locked up with
their home studios cranking out increasingly self indulgent babble. But
then again, you're probably a fan of Gentle Giant.

> --]But then again someone with 1/2 of a brain would have to think
>that up. And
> --]those people don't exist anymore.
> 1/2 a brain would be about right, maybe too much...This si much the way
> lots of the reocrd companies are going anyway, and with the inevitable
> popularoity of new tech we will see this sort of control freaky thing in
> short order...Its like Reading Mien Kaumpf and then not expecting to see
> gas chambers..(godwins law alert)

No, record companies have a wonderful business plan for them. It goes
like this.

Why support a band on the road? Why look at at 10 year career. We know
we have built in audiences for Teeny Boppers and Hip Hop, and
Hillbilly's. Let's sign little fashion wanna be's, niggers, and white
trash, sell them through and move on.

of wanting new a great music it's a disaster.



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