RE: Forecasting the Future

Tom Whore (
Tue, 8 Jun 1999 12:03:42 -0700 (PDT)

How to find bands? Its called search engines, its called fan sites, its
called music related discussion groups. I thought you said Sherlock was
good? I am hard pressed to think of this tech of finding and publishing
about music, or any product/idea, in such a way as to be found by those

In short its the way of doing things that so many old Record Companies
find threatening...and the very reason is that they draw the single closed
box mentality away from having to have small controlled centers saying
whats hot and whats not..

Control and the old power base.

Anarchy? If this sort of standard tech is anarchy to you Tim then I would
be hard pressed to debate with you on this point. You dont appear to be
that much of a sheeple by listening to your other posts, what makes
bending over for the record comapies something you enjoy and defend?

Anarchy? Shit son, what im talking about is nothing new or revolutionary,
its whats been happening around us for the last 5 or so years. I would
think someone on this list would already grasp these basic concepts of
Distrubuted Systems and Information Systems.....that they are finaly
becomming practicle in real world everyday areas is no great surprise.

Anarchy is such an overplayed buzzword, you can at least find something
better to throw at me, but then you would probably start sounding more and
more like a People magazine article about the Horrors Of The Net.

--]> how do you explain the 500 or so downloads Media Whore music
--]> has gotten in the last few months with resulting email and conversations
--]> with liteners...all on simply a listing and a few emails to
--]> various usenet groups/mailing lists?
--]Tom, I hate to say this to you, but BFD. Get some Portland stripper to
--]moan over a drum machine. Put a listing on AVN (Adult Video News) and
--]watch your downloads.

Nice try tim, but the fact remains that Medai Whore Msuic, who does very
niche experiental music, has far surapsed the reach it had with
traditional Record Company Mindset and got people to liten to , and some
to keep asking for more, music.

Your sscenerio of the stripper and drum machine simply highlites the
extent to which you value music. Mas Tequila Ahoy..its nerf metal time for
the cobra boy.

This is the kind of thing I was talking about earlier, that even with
advnacements in tech and dostro methods its still a amtter of the educated
sheeple, and as we have just seen most sheeple still baaaaaaaaaah for the
mushmeal they get as feed.

Happy sheeeple bahh baaaah baaah.

--]oh hell, I don't want to think this hard early in the morning. My point
--]is bands need to grow and experience the road together to create
--]increasingly better product. Fan's want the shared experience of
--]enjoying the band live. Your system has a bunch of slobs locked up with
--]their home studios cranking out increasingly self indulgent babble. But
--]then again, you're probably a fan of Gentle Giant.

bzzzt, tim hits wrong ..again... Fact is that there are tons of bands out
there supporting thier On the Raod acts with web based distro outside of
your Closed Box Studio system. They tour and also make themselves
accessable on a wider range.

SO down ya go on another point. Next

Once again your lack of historical view and vantage point show the obvious
holes in your ideas.

But then again, i dont have to lay outthe half fictious half fantasy
thoughts you seem to be drawing from, i can just let you use Sherlock to
find dozens of supporting arguments called bands that knock down your

Go start at and Atomicrock...its impossible to not find a few
examples at those places.