We have a winner

Tom Whore (tomwhore@inetarena.com)
Wed, 9 Jun 1999 13:08:56 -0700 (PDT)

Well it seem s Active State perl is plunging in to the MS camp by being
The Dark Side company to port perl to an MS Product.

The reaction is gonna be mixed. Ive been using Active State for most of
the WSMF perl needs (the bbs, the cgis, etc) with not a problem. How it
fares as a real hackers dev tool i do not know since im not doing that
much at all. If anyone has beaten up on it, id like to know.

Also...IBM....phoenix from the ashes with a vengence. They are now poised
to strike some blows on the company that took them down a few notches, to
maybe regain the Watson Era glory when IBM was the Stalin of the computer
world. And its allies in this process...linux and open source....Strange
bedfellows in deed.

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