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David Crook (
Wed, 09 Jun 1999 13:41:00 -0700

At 01:08 PM 6/9/99 -0700, Tom Whore wrote:
>Well it seem s Active State perl is plunging in to the MS camp by being
>The Dark Side company to port perl to an MS Product.
>The reaction is gonna be mixed. Ive been using Active State for most of
>the WSMF perl needs (the bbs, the cgis, etc) with not a problem. How it
>fares as a real hackers dev tool i do not know since im not doing that
>much at all. If anyone has beaten up on it, id like to know.

ActiveState has always been the Dark One's chosen version of perl. I think
that were originally contracted by M$ to port perl to windows like 2
company name changes ago. ActiveState actually does play nice with the
rest of the perl community. About a year ago they "merged" their code base
of perl with the current tree making their "ActivePerl" product very
compatible with the current release version. We use it in our shop for all
our NT perl projects. Its a good product (and free even). Make sure you
are using the newer "ActivePerl" version and not their older pre-merge
version. The perl package manager is pretty nice and a lot of the modules
in CPAN are available pre-compiled from Activestate. I've done a lot of
programming with DBI and DBD::ODBC and it works just like the unix version
of perl. I think the module comes with it. If I remember
correctly, the recent ActiveState-Microsoft joint project is to fix one of
the main definicies in NT perl, not having a working version of fork().

BTW - you might want to try the perl scripting option, its pretty cool, it
lets you put perl on ASP pages to be processed server side, just like VB
script. Once you remove VB from the picture, ASP is actually pretty cool.


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