RE: [VOID] My day in p-commerce hell

Tim Byars (
Wed, 9 Jun 1999 22:37:24 -0700

At 10:15 PM -0700 6/9/99, Rohit Khare did the job with this:

>>Rohit, if you're going to publish my idea's as your own, so all the VC
>>guys can read them and hire your company, at least give a little detail
>>about the voice security feature. Or didn't Greg fully explain it to
>>[more ranting snipped]
> Dude, the earliest Coke machine concept demo was a year ago:
> Then there's the WAP dreams:

> The Nokia Card phone is a GSM phone in a PC Card format. Used in
> traditional mobile computing applications, this integrated device
> allows a notebook computer to be converted into a wireless office
> without the need for a cellular phone, interface adapters or cables.
> Slotted into the PCMCIA slot of a notebook computer, the Nokia Card
> Phone enables the user to conveniently send and receive data e-mails
> and faxes without having to deal with messy cables and different
> telephone connection points.

Yeah, too bad they are totally missing the boat. Gr3g will fill you in
on my concept.



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