Re: We have a winner

Rohit Khare (
Thu, 10 Jun 1999 11:14:23 -0700

>Not that Im singling you out john, maybe its just the globe in general.
>But lets put this to rest....If some one posts something you already saw,
>your assumptions that EVERY ONE has seen it, responded to it, or even had
>a chance to enter in a conversation aboutit with all the folks they wanted
>to is not only flawed but contray to the idea of free flowing echanges of
>Its cute and quipy to do the online "bzzzt old bits" but that in itself is
>probaly the least clueon filled post possible. Its even less clueon based
>than a spelling correction..that at least seeks to enlighten.

Yes, but FoRK isn't a nice place for EVERY ONE. While, I personally,
hadn't paid any damn attention to Perl on Win32, I wholeheartedly
defend Klassa's right to call "foul!" And the proper response is not
to bitch, piss, and moan, :-) but to just take it in the spirit sent,
and send along new bits for old.

As I posted earlier this morning, I'm concerned about the direction
of FoRK. It's as socially constructed as anything else, so I just
want to remind everyone what the bedrock social construction is from
MY perspective:

FoRK exists as the live version of FoRK-archive.
FoRK-archive exists to document everything Adam and I have learned
about the world as it is today.
If other people want to come along, we'd love it.

Problems with this assumption: there's no longer an Adam at the other
end. For me, that's been supplanted by Jim, Roy, Greg and the UCI

Essentially, FoRK-archive exists because I'm frightened that I can't
recall my childhood, my college years, or even last Tuesday. It is
driven by the need to document life, my own and the world's; and it
will last precisely as long.

The more-abstract social constructions: as a platform for my persona,
for 4K Associates, and so on, are mere derivative works. When
three-quarters of 4K has retired, I have serious concerns about going