Re: Opera Web Browser Question

Joachim Feise (
Thu, 10 Jun 1999 16:31:33 -0700

H=E5kon Wium Lie wrote:
> =

> Also sprach sillyhead:
> =

> > People still use Opera?
> =

> You bet. We have 100k-300k downloads per month.
> =

> AOL claims that, when used over a modem, Communicator 4.6 is faster
> than Internet Explorer 5 at loading pages from the top 100 Web sites.=

> We tested this claim at a number of those sites and found virtually n=
> difference in load times between the two browsers. But if speed is
> your bottom line, you should give Opera a try instead of Communicator=

> or IE.

If it was available for Linux... =

I am actually sick of Communicator on Linux. It approaches MS "standards"=