Re: Shoppers in your Palm and Rainy Day Checks

Tom Whore (
Fri, 11 Jun 1999 12:43:16 -0700 (PDT)

On Fri, 11 Jun 1999, Rohit Khare wrote:

--]Reducing the amount of time it takes to bake a pizza --now you're
--]talking productivity gains :-)
--][the quartz-lamp FlashBake has long been able to bake a pizza in 90
--]seconds, but absolute gains never overwhelm cost-of-capital and pure
--]human inertia. Pizza joints don't have the cash, don't like cooking
--]with light, and don't think an extra ten minutes is losing them

But waht is the quality of the pizza? Sure you shave 10 mins off its bake
time, but are the fast bake pizzas any sort of aditonl tot eh pizzaness of
the product?

I have seen some odd ways to add value to Pizza. Out here in portland we
have places called Papa Murpheys Take and bake. They make up the pizza and
you take it home and bake it. For 9.99 you can get a hughe slabof dough
with sause, spices, onion, peperoni and chese in the raw whcih you can
take home and bake. A similar pizza cooked would be much higher in cost,
propbaly about 14 or 15 bucks.

A coast incentive, but a taste disastor. Horrible, totoaly worthless at
any price.

A time saver, you simply go there, get your ready to go pizzain the rough,
and take it home,. The wait at the store is near nil.

I wont even go into the connotations of calling a pizza place Papa

Other models of Pizza bizness have been by addig FUN to the pizza
experience, ala Chucky Chese..By making it a gourmet item ala
Pizzacatos..By branding it to a place of not such as Chicago Deep Disk or
New York Authentic (which it rearly is even in NYC itself).

BUt if you have ever tasted pizza fromthe source, a dozen or so oven
centeric places in NYC that can often be spoted by thier red white and
green color themes and availabilty of chocolate and rianbow ices, you will
now the worth and value of pizza as a thing in itself.

Can you mass market that? So far I have not seen it happen. Can a value be
aded to something already of a vlue all its own? Sure, but what im after
is pizza, not some steriod riddled mouse trying to do the macerna on my

Biz model rule 23--know what your offering and who your offering it to.
(ie if the mark dont got a payoff try try again)