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>> (hint: the Web doesn't have inodes as persistent, intermediate
>> addresses for documents in the face of moves, renames, and deletes).
>So what, you want a permanent wnode for every web object, the web as=20
>a database
>in 3rd normal form? I don't see how that would help without considerably m=
>persistence in the objects themselves.

Ah, but it *shouldn't* -- indeed, as you said, the whole virtue of=20
the Web is that there is no central naming of even, say message-IDs.=20
Anyone with a domain name can conjure up a web space, and put=20
shape-shifting format negotiators behind any so-named Hollywood=20

The hint is an explication of the fundamental gap that make the task=20
DAV AColl placed before themselves so mind-slappingly difficult,=20




A set within which the values of a function lie (as opposed to the=20
Range, which is the set of values that the function actually takes).
See also Domain, Range (Image)

Borowski, E. J. and Borwein, J. M. (Eds.). The HarperCollins=20
Dictionary of Mathematics. New York: HarperCollins, p. 89, 1991.
Griffel, D. H. Applied Functional Analysis. New York: Wiley, p. 116, 1984.

=A9 1996-9 Eric W. Weisstein

[OH! but my, isn't this an interesting resource! Read on for one of=20
the most creative IPR clauses I've ever seen! It so neatly separates=20
out the casual user from the segment that ought to buy the book!!]

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[Anyway, Wayne, my point was that "onto" is the *perfect* word to be=20
using; it's the definition of surjection in the first place...]


An Onto (Surjective) Map.
See also Bijection, Injection, Onto