Re: E-business & PC Supply chains

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Mon, 14 Jun 1999 16:59:49 -0500

> Wasn't PIP a speedy printing service back in the 70's?

It was also the Peripheral Interchange Program for DEC's real-time OSes from
the same era. I think there was a similarly-named utility on early PCs, too.
This is particularly amusing, since PIP was criticized as being too much a
Swiss Army Knife program. It not only created, copied, deleted, renamed, and
listed files, it initialized volumes, created UFDs (top-level directories), and
formatted disks, too, as I recall. There were humorous suggestions for new
switches like /INSTALL=RSX11M and /COMPILE=FORTRAN, too.

> For the pilot phase of eConcert, RosettaNet has developed nine
> PIPs relating to catalog updates and purchasing processes.

Alas, the version numbers are in octal. Hence:


> launch event here.

This sounds like 'lawn chair vent' to me. Don't know why.