Re: E-business & PC Supply chains

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Mon, 14 Jun 1999 16:51:40 -0700

Ah, we used to scam all our friends in the print shops to
make record labels and covers. On another note, PIP
says they have PIPLink,The fastest, most secure way to send your
files across the Internet. I clicked on it and it said: coming soon!
I could have sworn email was pretty dang speedy.


Mike Masnick wrote:

> They still exist, of course:
> A friend of mine in High School worked there and it was great. He used to
> be in charge of free printing on any crap we needed for whatever trouble we
> were going to get into. Brochures, "underground" newspapers, stickers and
> fliers for bands and parties. In fact, last time I saw him (a few months
> ago) he said he still kept in touch with his PIP connections to print up
> stickers for a band he was working with in NYC.
> -Mike