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At 9:31 AM -0500 6/16/99, "I'm not a real doofus, but I play one at a
national laborator did the job with this:

> On a related note, it's a shame that Schumacher couldn't maintain the
>past face
> he'd established.

Well the problem is with the new Bernie rule grooved tires. Most of the
drivers are on record as saying they suck, and have little if any grip.

F1 racing (if that is what you call it) sucks currently and is not
going to grow unless they figure out how to turn it into more of a race
and less of a parade. Hell, even IRL is better racing. Monaco was over
in 50 yards, and if Shumi hadn't crashed in Canada it was over in 100

Winners are determined more by luck and engine failure then they are by
driving effort. It would be nice to see changes made to allow for more
pure driving competition.



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