Gentle Hints

Sally Khudairi (
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 14:39:03 -0400

Etiquette comes to the Web. Watch out, Miss Manners.

For $12 you can send an anonymous letter which begins "Someone who cares
wants you to know..." and goes on to discuss the various causes or effects
of the recipient's unfortunate setback [halitosis, dandruff, greasy hair,
BO, flatulence, etc.] and sends along a little gift to help remedy the


> We all know someone who offends in some way but we're not always
> able to find the right words to bring the problem to their attention.
> Allow to apprise the individual in a gentle and diplomatic
> manner while preserving your anonymity.

A fellow colleague could benefit from the gift handkerchief which
accompanies the "Covering One's Mouth" letter, but I know it'll probably end
up in the trash bin.

Oh, and for those particularly challenging offenses, you can spend $16 for a
Wahl ear/nose hair trimmer, or Tiffany's Table Manners book [now that's a
deal -- $1 savings off retail price].

I wonder if the folks behind this site were recipients of RISD's 1988 "Q-Tip
Hint" drop.