[Stupid Idea Series] Re: Java Help

Gregory Alan Bolcer (gbolcer@endTECH.com)
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 14:03:45 -0700

You're brilliant Janie! Give this woman a pot of venture capital.
Build a common logon across all the free email services (don't forget
hushmail) and give a status page for when, if, and how many
each has. Similar to all those ecomm companies doing single
logins across services, you can do the same for free email.

Go get 'em.


As to your other problem,

document.loginform.username.focus() is the line that's doing it.
Comment it out and it should default to the top form.

Janie Wilkins wrote:
> *sigh of frustration*
> I have been asked to design an e-mail page for my library so that our
> patrons can have one-stop access to their e-mail accounts no matter what
> type of account they have. The page is still very much in the
> development stage and needs more work, but I have temporarily thrown it
> on to our server so that I can seek advice from those who know more than
> I about Java (which is probably every member of FoRK).
> Go to: http://www.princeton.lib.nj.us/new/email.html
> The problem is this: every time the page is opened, the cursor
> automatically jumps to the AOL login box instead of the top of the
> page. This is very annoying... There is obviously something in the
> Javascript making this happen, but I can't figure out what... yes, I
> fully admit that I lifted tha code directly from AOL (but I did e-mail
> them for permission first). So, now I have this code that I don't know
> how to fix...
> All possible solutions will be gladly accepted...
> Janie