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Sally Khudairi (
Thu, 17 Jun 1999 10:00:26 -0400

Mine recently arrived.

After wrestling with the packaging, I slipped the CD in the Harman/Kardon
and waited. And waited. Nothing. So I moved on to track 2. Nothing. And then
this little computerized JarJar Binks voice said "this is not for your
stereo, it's for your compuuuter."

Oh. OK. Right. Just checking...

So I put it in the DynaBook cdrom and after registering and being told to
download a whole bunch of stuff, Austin Power's voice comes screaming on and
the MP3 player kicks in. Nasty, cluttered interface, lots and lots of ads to
get free stuff, you can pick out your music from the 103 by category --
again, the interface was so annoying I wanted to quit right then and
there -- or you can see the Seal video for the Entrapment soundtrack
[actually rather well shot, with CZ-J in low slung dresses and 1/2 zipped
leather topper], or a heavily pixelated extended trailer for Austin Powers.
Heck, you can even download the Austin Powers clock...

There's a song which Rohit may find amusing called "Devadesi", but it keeps
cutting off at the end, or perhaps it's just designed to do that. Who knows.
I find "Indian Blues" more fun.

On an overall entertainment scale, I'd give it a 7.

- S

Note that the disc didn't work for me either until I downloaded their
recommended player, MusicMatch. I was previously using WinAmp, but I
couldn't open anything. Try downloading other players.

Oh, and the credits list that JarJar voice as "Idiot Proof Voice Over". How

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>>>>>> On Tue, 25 May 1999, "Sally" == Sally Khudairi wrote:
> Sally> I, too, just got an email from them saying that my free CD and
> Sally> goodies are in the mail. Fantastic!
>Okay, so, my free CD arrived today... What format is it in, exactly?
>I ask, because I assumed it'd be a normal data CD with a bunch of .mp3
>files on it. (I'm not mp3-hip, so forgive me if there's some "mp3 CD
>format" for these things that I'm unaware of...) Anyway, when I stick
>it into the drive on my Sun Ultra and "volcheck", it doesn't register.
>I cd to /cdrom, and nothing's there.
>Can somebody clue in the clueless?
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