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Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Thu, 17 Jun 1999 08:38:53 -0700

Why don't they just donate it? I would supposethe
only reason they are auctioning it is for the publicity.

Anybody see where those old NeXT cubes are?


Joachim Feise wrote:
> Somebody got $40,000+ to spare?
> The very first Apple computer -- the original
> Apple I assembled by Steve Wozniak and Steve
> Jobs -- is going on the auction block.
> But the collectible won't go cheaply. The La
> Salle Gallery in San Francisco expects the
> bidding to surpass US$40,000.
> "If the item up for auction can be proven to be
> the first Apple I ever sold, it deserves to be
> preserved in a museum," said Owen Linzmayer,
> author of Apple Confidential, a history of Apple.
> "But, given the technical nature of the item, and
> the awesome disposable incomes in Silicon
> Valley, I wouldn't be surprised to see two stock
> option-rich geeks bid the price up to
> astronomical levels."
> Only 200 Apple Is were built, and the PCs are a
> hot commodity on the vintage computer market.
> "It's the first Apple I built and sold by Apple,"
> claims auctioneer Risley Sams, who will open
> the bidding on Tuesday 29 June at 11 a.m. "We
> offered it to Steve Jobs, but he said he had such
> a hard time selling it in the first place that he
> didn't really want it. He made a small offer, but
> we have better ones."
> Sams said the machine comes with
> documentation proving its authenticity, including
> two checks from the buyer written in July and
> August 1976. One check was for the machine
> and the other for software, Sams said.
> Also included is the original manual, an 8-page
> text document with a couple of fold-out
> schematics, and a warranty on the back page.
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