My Docs Online! planned outage Saturday June 19

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Wed, 16 Jun 99 18:28:43 -0500

Dear My Docs Online! User,

I'd like to thank each of you for using My Docs Online! Since launching our
free service on March 24th, we've enjoyed impressive growth in the number
of new users and recognition by the industry press. Our commitment is to
continue providing you with a service that is easy to use, reliable, and free!

If you haven't used My Docs Online! for a while, check us out today to see
the enhancements we've made to improve reliability and usability.


We are happy to announce that, due to the increasing popularity of
My Docs Online!, we are upgrading and improving our computing infrastructure.

This Saturday, June 19th, the My Docs Online! web site will be unavailable
for a few hours as we add capacity to make even greater improvements
in performance and reliability.

We anticipate that this PLANNED OUTAGE will begin at
NOON U.S. EASTERN Time (16:00 Greenwich Mean Time)
and should last LESS THAN 5 HOURS. Please plan accordingly.


My Docs Online, Inc. is sponsoring a contest beginning on June 15 until July 31.
Every user of My Docs Online! is eligible to win a Vadem Clio -- a Windows CE
PC Companion. To be eligible to win, just use My Docs Online! to "Give" files
to your friends or co-workers. Every time you "Give" a file, you get one more
chance to win. Details on the contest are available from the File List screen.

Thanks again for using My Docs Online! and for your patience as we upgrade
this weekend. We think that you'll be pleased with the improvements we have
planned for the next several months.

Best Regards,

Steve Dempsey
My Docs Online, Inc.

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