virtual creatures

Philip A. DesAutels (
Thu, 17 Jun 1999 17:37:19 -0600

The full scientific name for an HP pet fish is Piscenus Mopei
Floataneus. It is a strikingly beautiful species that thrives on

It is characterized by its cheerful nature and its calming effect on
stressed humans. Its natural habitat is a special aquarium on the desk
top PC, where it lives, feeds, plays and sulks.

The HP pet fish gains its unique personality from the way you treat it.
If you feed it regularly and play with it, you will be the lucky owner
of a fish with a happy disposition. A fish that is healthy and pleased
to see you every morning. If, however, you aggravate your fish, it may
show aggression, sulk and develop SFA - Serious Fish Attitude. As with
natural fish, if it is neglected it will fall ill and die, simply
floating to the top of its aquarium.