Re: [GEEK] How We'll Watch Sports in the Future..

Dave Long (
Thu, 17 Jun 1999 19:50:02 -0700

> Picture this: No need for graphic overlays of scores or player bio info
> on your television.

...thereby freeing up that screen real estate for some important overlays,
like corporate identity spots. I was struck by the difference between the
Coupe de Monde 98 coverage in CDG and off PCH. One might think that because
SECAM gives them an extra 100 lines/field to play with, at CDG there would
have been even more, or bigger, overlay spots than in NTSC coverage from the
States. Instead, they had the gall to give an unimpeded view of the game.

> For maximum effect, you should be watching tonight's NHL Playoffs game,

I did catch two quarters of Tuesday's game. What is up with all those
oval-swooshy ESPN eyecatch spots? Am I supposed to hit the lever for another
pellet when I see one, or are they envious of the BSOD and the GPF box?

[stupid idea! an actual use for "convergence": how difficult would it be to
perform image analysis to extract the actual sports scenes from a sports
broadcast? It might be fairly cheap, and not only would you lose the
eyecatches and talking heads, but probably most ad spots as well]

> I find this to be excellent compensation for the fact that US Play-by-
> Play announcers rarely have a clue what's really going on. Next techno-
> logy step: sending the commentary in a separate stream so I can turn it
> off but still listen to the game!

Don't know about hockey; the "mute" button used to work well for baseball.