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Digest Authentication provides secure Web login
Embedded Web guru co-authors new security Standard
Digest Authentication provides secure Web login

MAYNARD, Mass. June 14, 1999
Agranat Systems, Inc., providers of embedded Web technology for=20
access and management of home, business and network appliances, today=20
announced its participation in the development of a new security=20
standard for the World Wide Web. Agranat's Scott Lawrence teamed with=20
software engineers from Microsoft, Netscape Communications,=20
Northwestern University, Verisign, AbiSource, and Open Market to=20
develop HTTP/1.1 Digest Authentication. Released by the Internet=20
Engineering Task Force (IETF), Digest Authentication has been=20
published as RFC 2617 as part of the new standard for communication=20
between web browsers and servers.

The new Web security standard protects against outside hackers=20
copying a password and masquerading as a legitimate user.s. HTTP=20
Basic Authentication, the previous standard for Web login, sent the=20
password over the network unprotected, exposing it to theft. Digest=20
Authentication improves on the current Basic scheme by verifying the=20
identity of both parties connected. The user is identified to the Web=20
server and at the same time, the Web server to the user, to ensure=20
that each party is who he claims to be. Basic authentication only=20
provides one-way verification of the user.

Digest Authentication will be particularly important to the embedded=20
Web market. Emerging as the new wave of the Web, the exchange between=20
users and embedded Web devices has, until now, been unsecured. As=20
users increasingly communicate with appliances, the need to control=20
authorization is imminent. Recognizing this growing need for user=20
verification, Agranat will ship the new Digest Authentication in=20
EmWeb 5.1, their newest embedded server. EmWeb 5.1 will be the only=20
secure embedded server available on the market.

"Digest Authentication is a significant advancement for embedded Web=20
technology," said Scott Lawrence, director of research and=20
development of Agranat Systems, Inc. "With this issue of Web security=20
resolved weresolved we expect an accelerated market adoption of=20
embedded Web technology. Agranat's integral role in the development=20
of this standard proves that we are dedicated to meeting the embedded=20
market's security needs."

The importance of this standard has already been recognized as=20
Microsoft has integrated the Digest login scheme into their Internet=20
Explorer version 5.

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