Re: Pirates of Silicon Valley

Chris Olds (
Tue, 22 Jun 1999 16:34:43 -0700

As far as actual code copying goes, my friend says it's unlikely. Since his
friend is Tim Paterson (who wrote QDOS when he worked for SCP), I'm inclined
to take his word. Tim did write code for CP/M, and worked for a company
that made S-100 systems, so he probably had access to whatever source DR was
shipping to OEMs. All in all, the 8086 is not so similar to the 8080 that
it can run the same code (although NEC V20/V30 chips could do both, Intel
chips never did).

Think it through - would Bill Gates and a guy that got Bill to pay per-copy
royalties (Tim P - did anyone else ever do that?) be stupid enough to leave
DR copyright notices in the code (even if some of it was cribbed)? I doubt