Pirates - Ratings

Tim Byars (tbyars@earthlink.net)
Wed, 23 Jun 1999 10:30:24 -0700

The world television premiere of Turner Network Television's (TNT)
"Pirates of Silicon Valley," starring Noah Wyle "ER" as Steve Jobs and
Anthony Michael Hall ("Saturday Night Live" ) as Bill Gates, delivered
an outstanding 7.3 cable rating/11.4 share in the 46 metered markets.

"Pirates" also posted a strong 5.3 rating/ 5,141,000 households in TNT
homes, making it the top movie on basic cable of the week and the
second highest-rated movie of the year, behind TNT's own "Purgatory"
(6.6 rating, January 10).

Overall, the TNT Original film garnered a 10.1 gross-rating/7,620,000
gross-households across three initial plays in its Sunday, June 20
premiere night, and was watched by 16,940,000 different persons 2+. Of
the overnight metered markets, Pirates performed extremely well in top
markets achieving cable ratings of: Boston - 11.9 rating; Los Angeles -
10.1; Seattle - 9.7; Atlanta - 9.6; Portland - 9.6; Detroit - 8.6; San
Francisco - 8.5; and Houston - 8.5.


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