1999 MacArthur Fellows

Rohit Khare (rohit@uci.edu)
Wed, 23 Jun 1999 12:43:25 -0700

[Peter Shor, good choice, Caltech alum :-)... Who's Eva?.. gotta love
the materialism of the NandO times, ranking winners by booty... in
fact, MacArthur money is purely calculated by age... RK]

A complete list of winners follows, ranked in order of grant amount:

* Alison L. Des Forges, 57, of Buffalo, N.Y.; human-rights
advocate who documents genocide. $375,000.
* Elizabeth Diller, 45, and Ricardo Scofidio, 64, both of New
York City; architects whose work explores how space functions in our
culture. a combined $375,000.
* Saul Friedlander, 66, of Los Angeles; historian studying the
Third Reich and the Holocaust. $375,000.
* David Levering Lewis, 63, of New York City; race-relations
scholar who has studied black intellectual and social leaders.
* Elizabeth Murray, 58, of New York City; painter noted for
creating three-dimensional, often large canvases. $375,000.
* Wilma Alpha Subra, 55, of New Iberia, La.; a chemist and an
environmentalist who helps ordinary Louisiana citizens get toxic
sites near them cleaned up. $370,000.
* Dennis Albert Moore, 54, of Belem-Para, Brazil; an
anthropological linguist who is working to preserve the language and
culture of natives in Brazil. $365,000.
* Bruce G. Blair, 51, of Washington; foreign-policy analyst
specializing in ways to reduce nuclear risks. $350,000.
* Jacqueline Jones, 51, of Wellesley, Mass.; social historian
who has written on Southern, women's, labor and black history.
* Gay J. McDougall, 51, of Washington; executive director of
International Human Rights Law Group. $350,000.
* Ofelia Zepeda, 45, of Tucson, Ariz.; linguist devoted to
preserving Indian languages and culture. $320,000.
* Pepon Osorio, 44, of New York; installation artist who uses
Hispanic popular culture and traditional aesthetics. $315,000.
* Fred Wilson, 44, of New York; installation artist who
explores the relationship between museums and works of art. $315,000.
* Xu Bing, 44, of New York; artist who uses ancient Chinese
methods to explore contemporary Chinese art. $315,000.
* Jeffrey R. Weeks, 42, of Canton, N.Y.; mathematician who has
helped to interpret the shape of the universe. $305,000.
* Mark Danner, 40, of New York; journalist who writes about
foreign affairs. $295,000.
* David M. Hillis, 40, of Austin, Texas; molecular biologist
who uses genetic analysis to study evolution. $295,000.
* Jillian F. Banfield, 39, of Madison, Wis.; mineralogist who
studies microbes. $290,000.
* Shawn Carlson, 39, of San Diego; physicist and founder of the
Society for Amateur Scientists. $290,000.
* Leslie V. Kurke, 39, of Berkeley, Calif.; scholar of
classical Greek antiquity and archaic Greek poetry. $290,000.
* Peter Shor, 39, of Florham Park, N.J.; computer scientist
working in quantum computing. $290,000.
* Laura L. Kiessling, 38, of Madison, Wis.; chemist and
biochemist who has studied the biology of inflammation. $285,000.
* Naomi Wallace, 38, of Otterburn, North Yorkshire, England and
Prospect, Ky.; playwright. $285,000.
* Campbell McGrath, 37, of Miami Beach, Fla.; poet. $280,000.
* Sara Horowitz, 36, of New York; executive director of Working
Today, which promotes the interests of people with flexible work
schedules. $275,000.
* Ken Vandermark, 34, of Chicago; composer and tenor sax and
clarinet player. $265,000.
* John Bonifaz, 33, of Boston; public-interest lawyer and
executive director of National Voting Rights Institute. $260,000.
* Jennifer L. Gordon, 33, of New York; founder of the Workplace
Project, which fights abuse and discrimination against immigrant
workers. $260,000.
* Carolyn R. Bertozzi, 32, of Albany, Calif.; chemist who
developed a method for tricking cells into expressing non-natural
sugars on their surface. $255,000.
* Juan Martin Maldacena, 30, of Cambridge, Mass.; physicist who
works in the abstract field of string theory. $245,000.
* Eva Silverstein, 28, of Stanford, Calif.; theoretical
physicist working to link theories of particle physics and cosmology.