Apple Consumer Laptop Expected to Debut at Macworld NY

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Thu, 24 Jun 1999 01:16:23 -0400

Computergram: 24 June

+ Apple Consumer Laptop Expected to Debut at Macworld NY

By Rachel Chalmers

Rumors are multiplying about the future of Apple Computer Inc's
consumer laptop. After MSNBC reported that the so-called P1 was
in danger of getting scrapped because of "serious engineering
concerns," advocacy site MacOS Rumors retorted that the P1
"will absolutely not be scrapped or put on the back burner,"
according to its own "reliable sources." MacOS Rumors describes
the much- anticipated device as multi-colored and
semi-translucent. Apple spokesperson Nathalie Welch said the
company has not announced any kind of delivery date on the
item. "We did announce that in 1999 we will be delivering a
consumer portable," she told ComputerWire, "and that's still
the plan." While the company won't divulge specific details, it
will say that the laptop will be geared toward the consumer
market, just as the desktop iMac is.

Back on the rumor mill, Britain's The Register reports that
Taiwan's Alpha Top Corp, which has already been contracted to
begin producing the consumer portable sometime this month,
expects to ship 200,000 units by the end of 1999, equating to
sales of around $375m. A test run is apparently slated for
early July in order to ensure demo units will be available in
time for Steve Jobs' Macworld New York keynote on July 21.
Since Jobs returned to the company he helped to found, he has
streamlined the hardware side of the business into four product
groups: desktop and portable, business and consumer. Three of
those four categories are filled - by the G3, iMac and
Powerbook. Shipment of a product in the fourth category is
vital if present confidence in the resurgent Apple is to be