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Tom Whore (
Wed, 23 Jun 1999 22:59:15 -0700 (PDT)

The Commodore Telnet BBS
by Bo Zimmerman (


The following are instructions for setting up a Commodore computer as a
telnet-able BBS. It relies on a modem connection with a PC running LINUX
with a telnet daemon. The Commodore is connected to the PC via a null
modem cable. The LINUX box has a modified version of minicom, which
comes with the slackware distribution (and others I would imagine), and a
shell script, all described in greater detail below. The essential goal
is this: when a user telnets to the LINUX machine and logs in as the BBS
user, the PC will run the modified minicom, which is set up to
communicate with the COM port connected to the Commodore. When minicom
starts up, it will signal the Commodore that a connection has been made
by setting the modem port's DTR signal. The Commodore BBS program goes
online because the DTR line is attached to the DCD line in the cable. So
long as the user is still in minicom, the connection remains, and wa-la!
A Commodore on the net!

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