Re: SIP and Apache

The Jester (
Thu, 24 Jun 1999 22:28:07 -0700 (PDT)

You are, of course, correct. The source of my confusion was that IMPP,
before it was turned into a WG, was working on protocol and the protocol
that was being talked about the most was based on HTTP over UDP. However
when it was made into a WG the IESG (this is for everyone's FYI, obviously
not yours Mark) scaled back its charter to just provide for a requirements
document. Therefore IMPP clearly can't now be working on a HTTP over UDP
protocol as IMPP isn't chartered to do protocol work. Furthermore IMPP has
not decided on what protocol it will eventually adopt.


> > On the UDP issue, several groups, including IMPP, GENA and UPnP have all
> > had to do work on HTTP over UDP.
> Umm... this seems to be a confusion between what you would like to be true
> and what is true. You and I have certainly had conversations about IMPP in
> which you have said that we'll need "HTTP over UDP", and you might yet turn
> out to be right. But there is absolutely, positively no work in IMPP right
> now that has to do with "HTTP over UDP". (There's nothing that has yet
> ruled it out, either -- but it seems like a stretch to say that IMPP "had
> to do work on it" just because we haven't forbidden it).
> --Mark