Re: Freewebspace..freedisksapce..freesoapbox

Dave Long (
Fri, 25 Jun 1999 11:31:34 -0700

> A poltical web site that offer its users web space and templates to set up
> Clubs and Newletter pages for various and varied political stances.

I was amused by the trends in the customer list for our old web authoring
tools. Of course, many were simply individuals, but the institutions that
bought were by and large small businesses, religious organizations, and
political groups. Apparently the web was the perfect outlet for all things
undiscussable at the dinner table.


neurotrophic electrodes:

an email with such a device. What a cure for overposting! (for the abled,
how about eyetrackers? anyone know what the state of that technology is?)

I'd give an URL, but Nature has the worst registration system I've run into in
quite a while. I do recall the sample mail shown in the article to be in
German, so maybe it was done by a different group than the Emory folk.

a curmudgeon's request:

I'm looking for a credit card which is just a credit card - no junk with the
billing statement, no junk on the reply envelope*, no endless stream of
special offers, etc. Anyone know of such a beast?

*better yet, business reply mail. Who wouldn't pay $4 a year for that?