FoRKcon/DC: MONDAY June 28

Rohit Khare (
Sat, 26 Jun 1999 13:19:57 -0700

Occasion: DARPA EDCS Demo Days
("Evolutionary Development of Complex Systems")

Formal Launch of 4K Associates

Location: Bombay Club
815 Connecticut Ave, NW
Washington DC, 20006
(202) 659-3727

Time: 8 PM


I have reserved a table for between 8-12 people at a fairly formal,
yet innovative Indian restaurant. It is a set menu at $40/head; I'll
need a final count by early evening. Any and all partners, spouses,
cronies, etc. are welcome...

APPETIZERS (to share)
Crab Masala * Sev Puri * Seekh Kebab

ENTREES (to share)
Tandoori Salmon * Chicken Tikka * Lamb Roganjosh

Vegetable of the day * Rice * Tandoori Breads

any Dessert * Coffee or tea

Rohit Khare

PS. Be on the alert for FoRKcon/HOWcon Oslo July 13th...


Sipping a Pimm's cup and nibbling on herb-stuffed breads straight
from the tandoor, it's easy to imagine yourself far away and long ago
at the Bombay Club. With its formal service, shuttered windows,
handsome seating and scenes of old India, this elegant, stately
dining room brings back the days of the British Raj. The kitchen
distinguishes itself with refined treatments of the usual Indian
cookery. Start with bite-size, crisp puris, crowned with a little
salad of mangoes, potatoes and onions and sweetened with a dab of
date and tamarind paste. Fish Perri-Perri presents slablets of salmon
coated in a tease of chilies, ginger, garlic and vinegar. Calamari is
stir-fried with onion and curry leaves and ignited with a spicy
brick-red sauce. And the ubiquitous potato patty is here made
glamorous, its spicy surface brushed with green (mint-coriander dip)
on one half, midnight black (tamarind paste) on the other.
Fire-eaters will appreciate the green chili chicken, tender and
flavorful morsels cloaked in a verdant, sweat-inducing paste of
coriander and chilies, or the lamb vindaloo, as fiery as that near
stew should be (but rarely is). As an antidote to the flames, order a
side of tangy and cooling raita. From the tandoor come such beauties
as marinated, barbecued trout, whose blackened surface yields to
moist, smoke-perfumed flesh. To enjoy the broadest sampling of
tastes, request the multicourse thali plates - one vegetarian, the
other mixed with meat and seafood. On the minus side, the breads
could have more character, and the servers could be more gracious
(and not attempt to get diners to order more, more, more). Still, the
tinkling piano music, grand setting and sophisticated cooking send
this Indian enclave to the head of its class.

- Reviewed by Tom Sietsema, Washington Sidewalk