RE: Industry Standard's Net 21

Gavin Thomas Nicol (
Mon, 28 Jun 1999 03:06:12 -0400

> being subservient to big blue, you'd think that you'd be interested in
> how companies build Net applications. You forget, there's a
> lot of work that had gone on behind the scenes at Netscape coming up with
> a standardized Net application architecture. Standardization using
> Javascript, LiveConnect, Internet Foundation Classes (IFC), Netscapes
> Plug-in interfaces, integration with IIOP, integration with LDAP,
integration with SMTP,
> integration with calendaring and scheduling, integration with security
> media types and protocols. A majority of businesses would argue that
> standardizing on one set across a whole slew of protocols has
> made their collective lives easier.

A lot of this is also the bane of the net. Many of the so-called "standards"
you talk about are little more than hacks on top of kludges on top of hacks.

LiveConnect is a poxy abomination, as is JavaScript embedded in HTML
have you ever tried to write a WYSIWYG editor for such things? IFC is
I doubt many people really use, plug-in interfaces are nothing new, and
between releases.

I agree with Ka Ping... and he has a lot more credibility than Marc does!