RE: Industry Standard's Net 21

Gavin Thomas Nicol (
Mon, 28 Jun 1999 03:27:51 -0400

> If they were going to implement this stuff and make it big, at least
> they could have done it with the tiniest bit of *competence*.
> I tend to think of Netscape more as bumbling rather than villainous.
> Though, given the situation they were in, perhaps you could call it
> "criminal negligence."

I share your view... the success and prominence I can handle, the
incompetence, and arrogance (in the face of the responsibility)
are unforgivable.

A lot of really good prior art existed... at least they could have
plagiarised something halfway decent instead of implementing, and
disseminating, something clearly Broken As Designed (BAD) (if I'm not
mistaken, you're the one who had very early prototypes of stylesheets
and applet-like functionality right?)