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<< > > The problem with bizarro reality is that it's simply wrong. People will
> > look at this movie and think it portrays history when it doesn't.

That's why television is called a medium; it's usually neither rare nor well

An acquaintance of mine works for CBS, making sure the right metadata label
goes on these productions. There's a reasonably wide range of docu- to
-drama, from historical to "based on" to the use of some names, some
likenesses, and enough writers to ensure that fiction remains more familiar
than truth.


cognitive dissonance for the day: according to BMI, the Woody Guthrie song
"this land is your land/this land is my land" is owned by the Ludlow imprint
of TRO, Inc. A song about free land is itself shackled bits.


Did any of you see Noah??? Talk about poetic licence! The writers decided to
condence biblical history and put LOT on the boat with Noah. :-) Can't
remember who aired it, but the show prompted a flood of calls and deluge of
complaints (sorry!) to the network.


(Microsoft uses raremedium.)