Re: quick advice sought

Kragen Sitaker (
Mon, 28 Jun 1999 21:19:43 -0400 (EDT)

Joe Touch asks:
> I'm looking for a fairly high-level language for putting graphics up
> in a Web browser window. I.e., the level of Logo's turtle-graphics,
> preferably without the pain of needing a full-blown compiler.

Do you mean client-side or server-side?

Tcl/Tk runs in the Tcl Plugin, which I think is available from, although I haven't played with it since it was available
from The Tk canvas widget is almost as high-level
as Logo, Tcl is a very similar language to Logo, and the canvas widget
has the advantage of having a better imaging model than Logo's.

On the server side, Thomas Boutell's gd library will generate .gifs for
you, and includes commands to draw lines. There are bindings to gd for
just about everything, including Perl, Tcl, Python, and Scheme.
(Bindings are included with the SIOD distribution, in fact.)


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