CommerceNet News: CommerceNet Debuts Technologies at E-Gov 99

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CommerceNet Members Debut Technologies That Will Enable
Catalogue Interoperabilty at E-Gov '99 Conference

Key Industry Leaders Demonstrate Framework Powering the
Government Catalog
Interoperability Pilot

WASHINGTON, June 29 /PRNewswire/ -- CommerceNet today
announced the
unveiling of technologies central to Phase Two of the
Government Catalog
Interoperability Pilot, aimed at demonstrating the
feasibility and
practicality of a truly interoperable set of catalogs within
the Federal
Government. "Through this important pilot, CommerceNet and
its members are
taking a leading role in the development of catalog
interoperability," said
Randy Whiting, CEO of CommerceNet. "We applaud the
government's involvement in
this project which is an integral part of the future of
The demonstrations are taking place as part of a major
presence by
CommerceNet at the E-Gov 99 Conference being held this week
at the Washington
Convention Center.
The Catalog Interoperability Pilot framework will allow
government buyers
secure access to a full range of product offerings stored in
catalogs at multiple agencies and vendor sites. This will
alleviate the need
for individual vendors to create interfaces through special
software or with a
unique presentation of products for each agency. The
framework architecture,
along with a number of supporting technologies, are being
demonstrated by the
vendors playing key roles in making catalog interoperability
a reality in the
federal market. The Pilot involves 15 agencies and 50
procurement specialists,
and is scheduled to be complete by the end of September.
Results of the Pilot
will be made public in November.
Industry partners involved in the demonstration include
Digital Commerce
Corporation, NDS Americas, MasterCard International,
Electric Press, American
Management Systems, SupplySearch, EC Cubed, PartNet, Thomas
Company, Dun & Bradstreet (UN/SPSC), SAIC, and webMethods.
The team is also
working very closely with several government agencies,
including DoD, GSA,

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