Slashdot makes a deal

Chris Olds (
Tue, 29 Jun 1999 18:16:30 -0700

/. has agreed to be bought by Andover.Net

Rob says that this is a Good Thing, and that giving up creative control was
not part of the deal. The first link is reproduced below, the second is the
/. article on the deal.



News for Nerds" community site Slashdot was purchased Tuesday by
Andover.Net, a network of technology Web sites.

Slashdot, which focuses on Linux and open source news a resources, is a
popular site that was reportedly courted by many Web companies. No financial
terms of its acquisition were disclosed.

With the financial and technical backing of Andover.Net, Slashdot founders
Rob Malda and Jeff Bates said they will expand their content, continue their
creative control of the site and provide direction for other Linux efforts
at Andover.Net.

"I'm looking forward to having the resources available to expand Slashdot
according to my wants for a geek news site," Malda said. "This will allow me
to bring people in to focus harder on certain aspects of geek news (and
actually pay them), and free me up to concentrate on the areas of the job
that I enjoy most. Andover.Net realizes that the future success of Slashdot
is linked to holding on tightly to our original creative vision."

Andover.Net said it expects to increase 2.5 million unique visitors and 35
million page impressions per month. Its other sites include software
downloads, Web site reviews and technology news.